Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do to become a model?
First, please look at the requirement to see if you are qualified to work as a model and get jobs. We don’t set any minimum height or any other measurement, but to you must have a valid visa to work in Japan if you are applying for modeling and narrator. This doesn’t apply to influencers who lives outside of Japan.
Do I need professional photos to apply as a model?
You don't need professional photo when you applying for Growship Global Model.
I don't have my portfolio. What do I have to do?
After you successfully become a model, we will make your comp card for you. The photos on the comp card are very important. Most of customer choose the model based on the comp card. If you don’t have any experience as a model and want to increase the chances to get jobs, we recommend booking photo shoot and get your portfolio. Are you struggling with booking a studio? We can arrange a studio and a photographer for you at your city. Please contact to apply for our “Photo shooting service”.
Do I need to pay any tax when I get jobs?
Yes, you will have to pay for Withholding income tax for modeling activity in Japan. We will pay your taxes by deducting the amount of tax withholding from your guarantee.