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Growship Inc., which manages Global Model, thinks that "growth" and "bond" are important for us to do business and contribute to the world through business. Growing is necessary for all human kinds. Ship is used in words related to bonds such as Friendship, Partnership, Relationship etc. Based on these values, ‘Growship’ is created.

Growship Global model, Our vision is to make a better community in Japan for models/people around them and make the quality of life in Japan better.
We will try to organize some events among models and our staff such as sports, Japanese traditional events, cruising, BBQ, drinking etc.

Join us now to make it happen and be a part of us for growth and bonds with various people.

Please do not hesitate to apply even if you do not have any experience or do not speak Japanese. We are happy to assist you.

Just like you wouldn't go into a courtroom without a lawyer, you shouldn't represent yourself as a model without a modeling agency. Here are the reasons why you should have an established modeling agency representing you:

This is what we are here for

-Your Protection and Safety
We will screen clients and ask them the right questions to confirm the safety of your working conditions for you.

-Don't miss out thousands of dollars.
Some clients will hire models online rather than use a professional modeling agency because they know the model is inexperienced and likely won't negotiate the best rates for his or her work.
Not only this is important for you financially but prevents any future conflicts of interest if a client with a similar product wants to hire you.

-Take advantage of a company's trust
Major clients only work with legitimate modeling agencies to find models for their companies.They never go online to find random models as this would be much too time-consuming, and they would never really know what they are getting. Clients trust the agencies to send them models who look like their photos and are appropriate for the client's brand.

Furthermore, there are many things you have to manage as a talent such as conflicts, the right of publicity and paperwork like contracts and agreements.
Our role is to provide an environment that talent can focus on what only he/she can do. Everything else, just leave it to us!
-Start your career as a talent
Growship Global Model will support models/talents in various scenes.
If you are interested in developing the model's career in Japan, we consider issuing a visa for you.

Also, we would like to make an exclusive contract with models if we can cooperate together.

We always think about what's best for not only career, but your life.
If you have any question regarding application, check out Frequently Asked Questions or contact

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application requirements

Current Opptunity Model
Job Description Model(Japan)

Promotes products or helps a brand deliver a message through their visual appearance. They work for a variety of clients and reasons such as posing for artists, modeling clothing apparel, or as extras in a commercial. Some models even specialize in a particular area of modeling, such as runway models, fashion models, or even fitness models.


Promote products or brand campaigns on their social media account. These promotions / campaigns can be very different, from taking photos, using hashtags and captions.


There will be wide range of project such as narrating, singing, voice actiong and so on. If you only speak English or your native langage, that could be your advantage.

Registration FeeFree
RequirementValid visa which allowed to work as a model in Japan


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